One of the basic rules to enjoy beautiful leather handbag for a long time is its proper care. All dirt on handbags made of grain leather can be removed with a piece of cloth or damp sponge – do not soak the bag and allow to dry at room temperature. You can apply a paste, cream or other suitable leather care product on a clean surface of the leather bag and gently polish with a soft cloth.

Handbags made of ‘crazy horse’ or ‘pull up’ leather types should be wiped with a dry cloth. The best care products for these types of leather are spays which are well absorbed. Shine and opaque effect products are not recommended for these types of leather.

Handbags made from suede leather, nubuck or grain splits leather should be regularly brushed with special suede brush that can be purchase in a shoe store. Do not use any creams or paste and the best way to remove dirt is to wipe it with a damp cloth.