Cotton masks with 2 layers of filters, nose stiffener and comfortable rubber bands made by Ladybuq


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One of the most neccesary items in everyday use. Cotton reusable mask with two layers of filters, comfortable rubber bands around your ears and nose stiffener. The masks are packed 3 per 1 pack in cotton sack that you can carry in your purse or hang in your car. Leather mouse for free!

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We present reusable, 100% cotton face mask with, filter, comfortable rubber bands and stiffening filament for nose part.

While choosing one item you'll get 3 masks packed in cotton sack with free leather mouse!


  • Filament that stiffens part of the mask that goes on the nose
  • Extremely comfortable rubber bands around your ears
  • 2 layers of filters inside the mask
  • All masks are handmade out of 100% natural cotton
  • Masks should be washed in 60°C (140°F) or higher after every single use
  • The masks are packed 3 per 1 pack and come in cotton sack

Due do hygiene and personal nature of the listed item we do not accect returns unless the item arrives damaged, defective and was never used.


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