Unique and original leather tote by ladybuq . The tear in black and White


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Many people awaited this bag until it will be available, finally we finished working on it and we proudly present it to you!

Working on this project was pure pleasure for us.

Named The Tear that to its original shape

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Fully personalized The Tear bag in Black and White color variation - two sizes and two closure types available to choose from!

With great pleasure I introduce you to our The Tear bag in beautiful color composition. My The Tear purse is made with attention to smallest details. I run my brand and fulfill my passion for several years, within that time I kept improving my skills and projects. All of it is made to show you something that I'm proud of.

My Ladybuq Art brand that is placed in Europe is not a giant company but we offer you unique products that cannot be found anywhere else. My work is real handicraft and almost every bag is made for specific order and for specific customer with specific needs.

In our work we do everything to make our customers be pleased and happy with their order.
I can fully recommend this Black and White The Tear purse that can be seen on photos.
I've put my whole heart into making this purse and made sure that this bag is one of a kind.

Unlike other purses that are mass produced our project is unique and probably there will never be a situation where you meet someone using the same purse.

If you like being complimented this product is perfect for you.
This bag was designed in a way to serve it's owner for years.
While placing an order you can choose from two different closure types, magnet or zipper and magnet.

Inside the purse there are 3 pockets that will allow you to organize your everyday life easily. The bag can be worn comfortably thanks to detachable strap made out of beautiful leather.
The bag is available in two sizes so it can be perfectly fit to your lifestyle and amount of room you need.

If you prefer bags with longer strap than the one we offer in the standard version of this purse please contact us before placing an order and provide with desired length that would suit you the most. If you have another idea for personalization we'd be glad to help you with this project!

With great pleasure we would like to offer you the result of our work.

Ladybuq Art Studio
Darek and Basia


When you decide you want your bag to have initials you will need to check "Initials - Yes" option and add comment to the order with what initials you'd like to have. (up to 4 letters)


* Leather color = black and white

* Hardware = silver


* Height = 15,5 inch / 39 cm

* Width = 10,2 inch / 26 cm

* Depth measured in middle part of the bag= 5,5 inch / 14 cm

* Adjustable strap length = max. 37 inch / 94 cm

* Weight = approx. 2,5 lb / 1,1 kg

* Three inside pockets

* Closed with 2 magnets or 2 magnets and zipper

* Interior of the bag is made out of suede leather

* The bag fits A4 format, bottle of water, wallet, smartphone, make-up bag and much more


* Height = 12 inch / 30 cm

* Width = 10,2 inch / 26 cm

* Depth measured in middle part of the bag= 4,8 inch / 12 cm

* Adjustable strap length = max. 37 inch / 94 cm

* Weight = approx. 2,3 lb / 1 kg

* Three inside pockets

* Closed with 2 magnets or 2 magnets and zipper

* Interior of the bag is made out of suede leather

* The bag fits A5 format, bottle of water, wallet, smartphone, make-up bag


It was shown for the first time on Berlin Fashion Week.
Made out of highest quality natural leather really brought some interest.
It really blew up on our Facebook and it's time for it to find its place in your hearts! The bag was awaited by many people that follow our social media and we cannot thank you enough for that!

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Maybe it's too big, maybe it's too small, maybe we chose wrong colour composition, maybe be used wrong leather type - certainly those are not the questions that bothered us during working on this piece of art!

This bag will help you express yourself and highlight your taste!
You will be able to express your inner self even more by getting your initials made on the purse for free!

We create real craftsmanship art and by contacting with us you will be able to personalize it to match your preferences!
It's your needs that inspire us the most!

I would greatly encourage you to choose this bag that you will not find anywhere else and if you'd like to stand out of the crowd even more.

Please open the same pictures on a different monitor to be sure that you will be happy with the colors, because I know from the experience that there are some color variations that occur from screen to screen.

Our offer is especially aimed at customers who appreciate high quality, durable, handcrafted products, original, exceptional designs and unique materials. If you are not sure whether a handbag made in our studio will meet your expectations, please contact us by phone or email.

In our Ladybuq Art Studio, you can place an individual order.

For this purpose, it is necessary to contact with our studio before ordering by phone or email.

Some changes may involve additional cost.

Phone: +48 787 094 869,
E-mail: shop@ladybuqart.pl


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